02 June 2008

Validation Atlas for ENSEMBLES RCMs runs over Europe

This is a link to a short document including few validation maps (climatology, variance) for 4 models of the ENSEMBLES RCM database. The recent climate linear trends are also highlighted, and few climate projections are shown (2030-2050 minus 1961-2000).
This is done for the summer (JJA) and winter (DJF) seasons and for 4 impact variables:

2meter temperature
Minimum and maximum temperatures.

Other analyses would be updated later (time series....)

The link: Valid_RCM.doc


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Caminade,
Your researches are so amazing!
Thanks for being such a model for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Caminade,

I am an Italian student at Sapienza University in Roma. I am currently finishing my BSc program in Physics and I am very interested in your researches about the African monsoon. Like you, I would like to use my scientific skills to help African countries that suffer from great poverty. Before starting my MSc program I would like to have a first working experience in climate research.
I am actually looking for a six month intership that would start next september. Would you have some opportunities for me ?
If you need some more information, please ask me.

Yours sincerely,

Alessandra Peretti,

Je compend un peu le francais. Sur votre blog profile, je vois que vous etes de Albi. J'etais en vancance en Albi avec mes parents quand j'etais 17 ans. C'etait beaucoup d'amusement.