25 April 2008

DEMETER/ENSEMBLES Africa/Florida presentation

Few slides (ppt file) and results concerning DEMETER/ENSEMBLES seasonal forecast over Africa can be retrieved to this link:


An update of the Africa report would be done soon......

14 April 2008


The validation figures are now sorted on the associated flickr web site, in an album:
The labels are now included in the figures.

Word and pdf documents are also available here:

Other analyses (ROC/Brier scores, SST analyses....) will be available soon and uploaded on flickr and my blog.
The full report (including both the figures, labels... summarizing the set-up of the simulations and the main results) is still in progress...

04 April 2008

Validation ENSEMBLES/DEMETER over Africa

This is a first validation atlas version of ENSEMBLES/DEMETER forecast over Africa.
The figures will be updated in real time (this is only a first release):


The name of the figure is explicit (I hope)
They are not sorted at the moment....
A clean document would be available soon

Select the "Validation ENSEMBLES/DEMETER Africa v1" album to visualize all the figures in a single window.

A link and a slide show is available too at the page bottom