01 June 2009

Publication update

Two papers have been published:

Caminade C.
and L. Terray (2009) 20th century Sahel rainfall variability as simulated by the ARPEGE AGCM and future changes. Clim. Dyn., published online, DOI:10.1007/s00382-009-0545-4

Assan J., Caminade C. And F. Obeng (2009) Environmental variability and vulnerable livelihoods: Minimising Risks and Optimising opportunities for poverty alleviation. Jour. Int. Dev. 21(3), 403-418. DOI:10.1002/jid.1563

Regional Climate Model validation for impact modellers

A short validation of the RCM European runs performed within the ENSEMBLES RT3 framework is now available. This is carried out for key impact variables (Rainfall, 2m Temperature, Minimum and Maximum temperatures) for both the control and SRESA1B scenario experiments in order to highlight the model performance in reproducing the observed climate.


Climate informations relevant to Humanitarian Future Programme

Following the exchange between UNILIV /CAFOLD and HFP
a website in which we list a collection of sites that may be of use for humanitarian agencies and future adaptation plan has been created. This site is being developed as part of the HFP following interaction with agencies including CAFOD. This includes link to seasonal forecasts, climate scenario information and datasets, training, tools and tutorials.
This is not a definitive list but a selection and a point to start the discussion that will be updated in real time.