07 April 2009

Cafod / King's college / UNILIV meeting 06-07/04/09

Here are the links and documents we discussed about during the meeting:

1) The presentation associated with the LUCIA team in Liverpool: here

2) Usefull links concerning various documents and operational forecasts:

UNDP climate change coutry profiles
These country-level climate data summaries were prepared with funding from the UNDP National Communication Suport Programme (NSCP) and the UK government Department for International Development (DfiD) in order to address the climate change information gap for developing countries by making use of existing climate data to generate a series of country-level studies of climate observations and the multi-model projections made available through the WCRP CMIP3

Various websites for which you can find weather / seasonal forecasts over Africa and over part in the world

The ACMAD website (mainly in french) and the associated monthly bulletin here

GFS forecast system outputs (from the COLA website): here

NOAA CPC African Desk: here

IRI seasonal forecasts and various products over Africa: here
The map room root: here
Browse the IRI website there are usefull informations available here

3) Usefull journal / publications links

CLIVAR exchanges.

AMS Weather, Climate and society

4) The different tools we discussed about (usefull for post-grad students) and other usefull links:

The climate explorer developed at KNMI is a powerfull tool to perform climate related studies and complex statistical analysis on the data. This tool only requests an internet connection and a browser. A short tutorial for climate health related studies is available here

The NCAR portal, allowing to analyze datas, perform statistic analyses and lots of things.....
really easy to use (just push buttons....)

Share your pc for climate simulations.....

edGCM : simple Global Climate model (an older version of the NASA model) for education and training, it allows to setup climate simulation (scenario, paleoclimate sim....), to visualize the outputs (Eva interface) and to write papers
Really usefull for students and can be installed under windows.....

IDV: 3D real time visualization soft. Really usefull to impress people during the conferences....
Can acces real time forcecast of the GISS model via the web (a catalog can be accessed to by URL)
Read both grib and netcdf files......

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