06 February 2008

Usefull tools for climate analysis and teaching

Here are listed few usefull softs concerning climate science

edGCM : simple Global Climate model (an older version of the NASA model) for education and training, it allows to setup climate simulation (scenario, paleoclimate sim....), to visualize the outputs (Eva interface) and to write papers
Really usefull for students......
Can be installed under windows.....

IDV: 3D real time visualization soft. Really usefull to impress people during the conferences....
Can acces real time forcecast of the GISS model via the web (a catalog can be accessed to by URL)
Read both grib and netcdf files......

Share your pc for climate simulations.....

NCAR portal, allowing to analyze datas, perform statistic analyses and lots of things.....
really easy to use (just push buttons....)

NCL: Ncar language, son of ncargraphix
really usefull to perform analysis and to do nice plots for papers:

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